From the Merchant Marine cargo ships in Southeast Asia to his current store in a renovated barn in Maine, North Atlantic Leather & Repair owner Tim Conn has spent more than 40 years working in the leather trade.

He began his career in the 1960s while delivering cargo to Vietnam on Merchant Marine ships. He spent the long months traveling at sea doing canvas and rope repair, as well as dabbling in making small leather projects. By the time he returned to his hometown in Connecticut, he knew that leather craftsmanship was no longer just a way to pass time; it was his passion. In 1968, Tim began an apprenticeship at a leather shop on Bank St. in New London called Fixed Earth. Two months later, he bought the shop.

After four years in New London, Tim and his business partner/wife, Jackie, changed the name to North Atlantic Leather & Silver, and moved the store from Connecticut to Portland, Maine. In addition to making goods, including belts, wallets, vests, handbags, sandals, and more, they also began doing small repairs. Since then, they’ve dropped the “Silver” from the name, moved from Fore St. to Wharf, Wharf to Congress, and finally to 281 Narragansett Trail in Buxton, Maine.

Despite all the changes, Tim is as passionate about his craft as he was when he began in 1968. Though the products have grown to reflect the times – from custom iPhone and laptop cases to fashion purses – the business model has remained the same. Tim is dedicated to providing high quality leather goods and services at a fair price.